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For a rainy day

Practically perfect in every way

a good way to start the day

smiles all around

no grunts, only cheers

bring light even on a dark day

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Plans made, weekend soon

seasons change, patience tried

faith preserved

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YOM TOV (Have a good holy day)

Today is Yom Kippur. The day of atonement. A day to fast and pray.

Yom Kippur┬áis the holiest day of the Jewish year. It’s the day of atonement after the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah. On this day, Jews ask God for forgiveness for their sins to secure their fate. Jews believe the first Yom Kippur occurred after God gave Moses the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai. When Moses came down from the mountain, he found the Israelites worshiping a gold idol calf. After they atoned for their sin, God forgave them and offered Moses a second set of tablets.

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