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the Diplomat’s Dictionary


” Insincerity is a grave defect in a public man, however harmless it may be in private life, for it betokens a lack of judgement which on occasion may prove disastrous.”

Jules Cambon

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When Will I Be Home?

When will I be home? I don’t know.

In the mountains, in the rainy night.

The Autumn lake is flooded.

Someday we will be back together again.

We will sit in the candlelight by the West window.

And I will tell you how I remembered you

Tonight on the stormy mountain.

Li Shang-Yin

( this poem ends the totally enjoyable post apocalyptic novel THE DOG STARS by Peter Heller )

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Josh Billings

“One of the rarest things that a man ever does, is to do the best he can.”¬†

Josh Billings

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